Creating a New Workspace

To create a new Workspace:

  1. From the VUEMan/2 menu bar, open the Edit menu.
  2. Select Workspaces, and VUEMan/2 will open the Workspace Editor.

    Within the Workspace Editor are two windows: a list of currently configured Workspaces in the Workspace window on the left; and on the right a settings notebook for the Workspace selected in the Workspace window.

    The Base Workspace, shown in the Workspace window, is created by VUEMan/2 automatically, and will always contain all your open windows.

  3. Click your <left mouse button> on the New button at the bottom of the Editor window (alternatively, open the Workspace menu and select the New item). VUEMan/2 will clear the settings notebook, preparing it for your entries.
  4. Enter the name of the new Workspace in the Workspace name text entry box. This name can contain spaces and punctuation, and will appear in each list of Workspaces and in the VUEMan/2 window title bar.
  5. Enter the unique identifier for the Workspace in the Workspace identifier text entry box. You can use the Workspace name as the identifier if desired. Be sure to enclose the identifier in angle brackets ( ).

    Note : This is a mandatory field. VUEMan/2 cannot create the new Workspace if this field is left blank.

  6. Each Workspace is provided with its own OS/2 Window List. Select the Enable command line checkbox, and VUEMan/2 will add an OS/2 command entry box at the bottom of the OS/2 Window List for this Workspace.
  7. Click your left mouse button on the Script tab to designate scripts to be run automatically in association with this Workspace.

    VUEMan/2 will execute the scripts you designate on this page:

    Designate the script files you wish, using the full drive, directory path, and file name.

    Note : Script files to be executed when you start the computer can be designated in any Workspace, but all will be executed in the Workspace that VUEMan/2 opens first. When the computer is started, VUEMan/2 always opens the Workspace that was currently selected when it was last shut down.

  8. When the Workspace is configured in the manner you desire, click your left mouse button on the Save button.