The PERF*.CMD Files

The various PERF*.CMD files included in the DeskMan/2 package are:

PERFOPEN.CMD:   Perform Open
PERFCLS.CMD:    Perform Close
PERFCLSA.CMD:   Perform Close All
PERFSO.CMD:     Perform Save Objects
PERFWPSO.CMD:   Perform WPS Save
PERFDO.CMD:     Perform Destroy Object
PERFRO.CMD:     Perform Restore Object
PERFSD.CMD:     Perform Save Desktop
PERFRD.CMD:     Perform Restore Desktop
PERFSS.CMD:     Perform Save System Settings
PERFRS.CMD:     Perform Restore System Settings
PERFMO.CMD:     Perform Move Object
PERFSH.CMD:     Perform Shadow Creation
PERFRSTR.CMD:   Perform Restart WPS
PERFSET.CMD:    Perform Setup