Set up archiving

  1. Create three archive objects - open the DevTech folder and drag the New Archive template to the desktop. For this example, name the archives System, Applications, and Personal, respectively.

    Each archive will be stored in a separate location on different servers. The System and Applications archives should be in public, read-only locations. The Personal archive should be in the user's home directory. The following are examples of repository names:

    System        \\server-x\alias1\system.drp
    Applications  \\server-y\alias2\apps.drp
    Personal      \\server-z\alias3\personal.drp

    When designating file names and locations, DeskMan/2 supports names conforming to the Universal Naming Convention (UNC).

  2. Enable archiving for individual folders - Go to the WPS Extensions Settings Notebook, DM/2 Archive page, and select the Allow archiving options overrides checkbox.

    Note : Do not enable automatic object archiving on this page.

  3. Enable and configure archiving for each of the three folders - Go to the first DM/2 Archive page of each folder's settings notebook, and: