The Repository Notebook "Rules" Page

This is the fourth page of the Repository Set Configuration Settings Notebook, but the first of the ten "Rules" pages.

Click your <left mouse button> once on the tab labeled Rules to display the Regular expressions options page.

OS/2 uses the ' \ ' character as a separator character in file names, but PMImage ordinarily interprets this character as an escape character. An escape character identifies the following character for special treatment. To avoid confusion when PMImage encounters the ' \ ' character in a file name, use the Path separator (\) behavior radio buttons to tell PMImage how to interpret this character.

If you choose to leave the ' \ ' character as an escape character, remember to enter both the escape character and the path separator character every time you want to include a path specification on the Rules pages. If you forget to include the escape character, PMImage will probably not be able to understand the path specification correctly.

DevTech has included a text file named REGEX.TXT on the distribution diskettes that provides additional information on using regular expressions. Interested readers are encouraged to review this file.