Remote Configuration

Network administrators can remotely configure the DeskMan/2 components and features using command files and associated configuration files. The command files and sample configuration files are provided on the product diskettes. These files are:

Component           .CMD File       Config File
Object Manager      DESKMANS.CMD    DESKMAN.CF1
LaunchPad           DM2LPADS.CMD    DM2LPAD.CF1
Cmd Line Interface  DM2CLIS.CMD     DM2CLI.CF1
Black Hole          DM2BLKHS.CMD    DM2BLHK.CF1
VUEMan/2            DM2PMS.CMD      DM2PMEXT.CF1
WPS Extensions      DM2EXT2S.CMD    DM2EXT2.CF1
                           DM2EXT2S.CMD    DM2EXT2.CF2

Two sample WPS Extensions configuration files are provided. DM2EXT2.CF1 lists all the WPS Extensions configuration settings. DM2EXT2.CF2 describes additional setup strings which can be used to exercise various functions within the Workplace Shell using the WPS Extensions or to manipulate objects on your desktop.

To remotely configure a DeskMan/2 component:

  1. Backup the configuration files, then modify the statements in the file you intend to use to conform with your requirements.
  2. Execute the command file on the workstation for which the component is to be configured using the following format:
    drive\path\}filename.CMD  {drive\path\}config.CFG

    Example 1:

    g:\devtech\DESKMANS.CMD g:\devtech\TELLER.CFG

    Example 2: