Transporting selected objects between computers

This example presumes that the source and target systems share identical drive and path structures and that DeskMan/2 is installed on both systems.

  1. Create a new archive for this purpose on the source system.
  2. Save the objects to be transferred in the new archive.
  3. Move the new archive file to the target system.
  4. Create a new archive object on the target system, associated with the moved archive file.
  5. Recreate the objects on the target system.

If the drive or path structures differ between the two computers:

  1. Save the objects on the source system, move the archive file and create the new archive object on the target system as described above.
  2. Open each affected object in the archive on the target system.
  3. Change the drive and path names as needed. Use the Map Drives feature described in Chapter 5 to help if only the drive structures differ.