Controlling access to desktops, folders and objects

  1. Open the Workplace Shell Extensions Settings Notebook to the Protection tab.
  2. Select the Enable access control checkbox.
  3. Select the Access control file you wish to use.
  4. Click your <right mouse button> on the container in the dialog.
  5. Create or change the control objects you wish to make available to your desktop, folders, and objects.
  6. Close the Workplace Shell Extensions Settings Notebook.
  7. Open the settings notebook of the desktop, folder or object you wish to protect to the Access policies page.
  8. Select the Object Access control - On radio button.
  9. Select the Inherit checkbox if desired. (If you select this checkbox, skip the following steps and close the settings notebook.)
  10. Click your right mouse button in the access policies container and select Add policy.
  11. Select each operation to be controlled and the control object to be applied to that operation.
  12. Click the button labeled OK.
  13. Close the settings notebook.