Creating an Audit Trail

This feature will automatically record selected object events.

  1. Start the AUDITOR.EXE program (this can be included in CONFIG.SYS, STARTUP.CMD or STARTUP folder).
    In CONFIG.SYS, for example:
    Or in STARTUP.CMD:
  2. Open the Workplace Shell Extensions Settings Notebook to the Audit page.
  3. Select the Enable the Audit trail checkbox.
  4. Select the checkboxes and radio buttons for the behavior you prefer.
  5. Close the settings notebook.

Note : AUDITOR.EXE simply captures and redirects the Auditing information generated by the DeskMan/2 WPS Extensions and the DeskMan/2 PM Extensions. The only information generated by the DeskMan/2 PM Extensions is Window Protection Violations (if someone tries to access a restricted window for which they are not authorized). This cannot be disabled. The DeskMan/2 WPS Extensions generate additional information, as described in that section.