DeskMan/2 Archive File Formats

OS/2 and DeskMan/2 version 1.x each save all object information in ASCII text files. These files can be viewed, printed, and edited using a text editor. To improve performance, DeskMan/2 version 2.0 saves object information in a special type of file.

DeskMan/2 version 2.0 can export archive files to an ASCII text file, so that users can view, print, and manually edit the objects in an archive. The original archive file will remain in place.

To export a DeskMan/2 archive to an ASCII format file:

  1. Open the archive.
  2. Open the container pop-up menu (click your <right mouse button> anywhere in the container except on an object).
  3. Select the RC format item from the Export as submenu.

DeskMan/2 version 2.0 can also use archives created by DeskMan/2 version 1.x. Using DeskMan/2 1.x Archives describes how to do this.