Manually recreating all the objects on the desktop

Manually recreating all the objects on your desktop

To recreate all the objects on your desktop, first be sure the Non-automated object restoration enabled checkbox on the Restore page of the selected archive's settings notebook is selected. Then:

  1. Open the pop-up menu of the archive you wish to use.
  2. Open the Restore desktop sub-menu.

    Note : DevTech recommends that you use this procedure only on computers whose configuration has not been changed and where you have selected Skip if exists. Otherwise, use the Recreating selected objects procedure.

  3. Select Skip if exists to leave existing objects unchanged. Select Update if exists to overwrite existing objects if the archived object is more current than the existing version.
  4. The Object Manager will ask you to identify the archive to use.

    Archives can be located anywhere, including on a file server, and are identified by a .DRP extension. DeskMan/2 version 2.0 can also recreate objects stored in archives created by earlier versions of DeskMan/2. These are identified by files with a .DRC extension. Refer to Using DeskMan/2 1.x Archives for a description of using version 1.x archives.

  5. Select the archive you wish to use, and click Open.
  6. The Object Manager will recreate all the objects in the archive on your desktop, subject to your selection of Skip if exists or Update if exists.