Creating an Access Control Object

You can create access control objects using either the DeskMan/2 Workplace Shell Extensions or the DeskMan/2 Presentation Manager Extensions.

  1. Open either the WPS Extensions or the PM Extensions object to the Protection page.
  2. Select the Enable access control checkbox to enable password protection if you intend to use access controls. This is not required to create an access control object.
  3. Use the Access control file list box to select the access control configuration file you wish to use. You can use multiple access control files to quickly change all the passwords.
  4. Click your <right mouse button> in the Manage access control objects container to open the pop-up menu.
  5. Select the Add control object menu item to open the Access control objects management dialog.
  6. Select the type of access control object to be created in the Type list box, and enter the appropriate other information:
  7. Close the Access control objects management dialog.