Assigning Access Controls to Windows or Objects

Access controls are assigned to windows using the PM Extensions, and to objects using the WPS Extensions. The method is identical in both instances.

  1. Open the Window protection dialog using one of these methods:
  2. The PM Extensions will open the Window protection dialog, the WPS Extensions will open the Access policies page. They are virtually identical in appearance and function.
  3. Select the On radio button in the Object access control area of this dialog to enable access controls for this window.
  4. The Manage access control policies container at the bottom of the window displays the access control objects currently assigned to this window. If no objects have been assigned, it will be blank. To add or remove access control objects, click your <right mouse button> in the container to open the Add / Remove policy menu.
  5. Select the Add policy menu item to open the Access control policy assignment dialog.
  6. Select the operation to be controlled from the Controlled operation drop-down list box:
  7. Select Window Activation to control who can select this window.
  8. Select Window Settings to control who can change the settings for this window (e.g. the access controls).
  9. Select the access control object to use from the Access control object drop-down list box.

    You can select more than one policy, but the order in which you select them is the order in which they will be evaluated.

  10. Click OK to close the Access control policy assignment dialog.
  11. Close the Window protection dialog or the settings notebook.