Using The Configuration Image Facility

The Configuration Image Facility will save an image of the computer's environment in a 'repository set'. By creating additional repository sets, the Configuration Image Facility can store more than one environment. By selecting the desired saved environment, you can easily and quickly set your computer to any of a number of different states. This is particularly useful if you use the same computer for greatly divergent functions such as software demonstrations in the field, word processing in the office, and games or educational tools for your children at home.

The Configuration Image Facility can also save additional files you designate, and can exclude from the image any files you prefer not to save. You can also designate files that are not to be overwritten when you restore an environment, such as your CONFIG.SYS file. An additional, powerful feature is the ability to automatically execute files before or after the environment is saved. You designate each of these files in the Rules pages of the PMImage Settings Notebook, or in the DM2Image configuration definition files.

Each repository set consists of a configuration definition (how the repository will work) and at least one generation of the saved environment. You can save up to 99 generations of the same environment in a repository set. By restoring an older generation of an environment, you can return your computer to a known condition. This is especially helpful if you are developing a new computer environment.