The User Options heading

The TEMPDIR setting:

This setting will default to a temporary file directory if one is found in the environment. If directories named TMP, TEMP, or TEMPDIR are not found by the Configuration Image Facility, then this setting is set to the current directory. You can set this option to any valid directory.


Use this setting to exclude selected drives or partitions from the backup process. You can exclude any drive or partition except the locations of the system files and the desktop directory. If either the system or user .INI files, or the WINOS2 files, are on an excluded drive, then they will still be backed up, but the drive will not be checked for other files to be included in the backup.

The LOGGING setting

Setting this value to 1 will direct the Configuration Image Facility to pipe all output to the log file (DM2IMAGE.LOG) rather than to the screen. Use this feature when you want to run the Configuration Image Facility unattended or in the background. All new events are amended to the file, so remember to purge this file from time to time to limit its size.

The ALLINI setting

For users familiar with this setting in earlier releases of DM/2 Image, this setting has been replaced by the RegEx stanzas. For more information, please see the section describing the [regex include] stanza.

The AUTOGEN setting

The Configuration Image Facility can save up to 99 successive generations of your environment. Set this value to the number of generations you wish to save. To save only the current generation, set this value to 1.

The current environment is always saved in a file whose default name is DM2IMAGE. When Autogen is active, previous environments are saved in files named DM2IMAGE and whose extension indicates the number of the generation (e.g. DM2IMAGE, DM2IMAGE.G01, DM2IMAGE.G02, etc. where DM2IMAGE is the most recent generation).