Saving and restoring system settings

Use the Save system settings and Restore system settings items on the archive's pop-up menu to save and restore Control Panel, Presentation Manager color, and WIN-OS/2 settings.

Some of the settings that are saved or restored using this feature include:

Border Width        Animation
Print Screen        Logo Display Time
Cursor Blink Rate   Key Repeat Rate and Delay
Mouse Speeds        Display Colors
Button Default      Icon and Shadow Text Styles

System settings are saved in a file with an .IRC extension. The default file name is DESKMAN.IRC in the installation directory. The list of settings that are saved will vary from system to system. The file is saved in a text format and can be examined using a text editor after you have saved the system settings.

Select the file you wish to use on the System page of the archive's settings notebook. This file can be located anywhere, including on a file server.