The Map Drives Feature

OS/2 maintains settings for each object that determine the locations of programs, working directories, etc. for use by that object. If you copy an object to a system with a different drive or path structure, that object will be incorrect on the new machine. If you have used DeskMan/2 to recreate objects on a system with different drive letters, you now have to modify those objects, one at a time, to match the new drive configuration.

The Map Drives feature can make this job much easier because it will change the drive references for every object you select. If using DeskMan/2 version 1.x (.drc) files, the Map Drives feature will also change the drive references for the locations of the associated icons and data files. DeskMan/2 version 2.0 saves these within the archive, not separately.

To use the Map Drives feature:

  1. Open the archive containing the objects to be modified.
  2. Select the objects whose drive settings you wish to change.
  3. Click your <right mouse button> to open the restore pop-up menu and select the Map drive menu item. DeskMan/2 will display the Map drives dialog window.
  4. Set the Change from and Change to values.
  5. If using DeskMan/2 version 1.x (.drc) files:
  6. Click your left mouse button once on the button labeled OK.

Note : This feature will not change the physical location of an object, nor will it change an object's path specifications. This feature will only change an object's drive references. If the directories on the source computer are different from the target computer, you must either change the directories on the target computer to match those of the source computer, or else manually change the path names for all affected objects.