The DeskMan/2 Object Manager

DeskMan/2 now can save or restore an object automatically as the object's parent folder is closed or opened. The most frequently used Special Functions are now also available as individual objects: Destroy Object is now the Black Hole, and Query Object on Drop is now the Object Explorer. Many special objects, including printer objects, are now saved and restored in the same manner as all other objects.

In version 1.x, DeskMan/2 saved object information in a text-based file whose name ended with the .DRC extension. DeskMan/2 version 1.x saved related icon and data files in separate files located in associated \ICO and \DATA directories. In version 2.0, DeskMan/2 saves all object information in a single binary-type file whose name ends with the .DRP extension. Users upgrading from version 1.x will be pleased to know that DeskMan/2 version 2.0 can also read from, and write to, files created using DeskMan/2 version 1.x.

DeskMan/2 now gives you access to multiple archives, which can be located anywhere on a network. Using network-based archives, each user can now have a personalized desktop that follows him or her everywhere. Additionally, each desktop can contain both personalized and shared objects.