Query Object Settings on Drop

Use the Query object settings on drop special function to display and edit object attributes.

To use this special function:

  1. Select the Query object settings on drop special function.
  2. Drop the object to be queried on the Archive object.
  3. The Object Manager will display a dialog window called Object setup.

    Use this dialog to explore, and change, certain object settings. Refer to your OS/2 documentation for the effect each OS/2 setting has, and the possible values to use.

    Caution : Refrain from making any changes here if you are unfamiliar with these settings.

    Use the REXX button to create a REXX file that will recreate this object on this, or another, computer.

  4. 4.Click your <left mouse button> once on the button labeled "Cancel" to close the dialog window without making any changes.