Using the Graphical User Interface
to do an attended installation

If you have a previous release of DeskMan/2 (any1.x version) installed on your system, and you wish to install DeskMan/2 v2.0 over this previous release, we recommend following this procedure. Please note that some steps are only required for those using an upgrade version of DeskMan/2 v2.0.
  1. Backup your existing system - this procedure is always recommended before performing any system upgrades.
  2. Locate the directory where your existing 1.x DeskMan/2 code is installed.
  3. If you are going to install DeskMan/2 v2.0 using an Upgrade edition, copy the existing DESKMAN.DLL file to a temporary location on your hard drive.
  4. Run the DeskMan/2 1.x INSTALL.EXE program from the directory located previously.
  5. When the installation program comes up, follow the on-screen directions to completely uninstall and remove all installed components.
  6. Shut down and reboot upon completion of the previous step.
  7. When the system is back up, locate and examine the directory where the previously installed DeskMan/2 v1.x code was installed. If desired, this directory and all data within it may be deleted, or saved for possible later use.
  8. Run the DeskMan/2 v2.0 Installation program (INSTALL.EXE). If using an upgrade edition, you will need to locate the DESKMAN.DLL file saved in step 3 for an initial installation. After an initial v2.0 installation, this file may be deleted. Install all desired DeskMan/2 v2.0 components.
  9. Shut down and reboot the system upon completion of the previous step.
  10. All desired DeskMan/2 v2.0 components should now be installed and operational.


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