Starting SiteSurfer Builder

Depending on how SiteSurfer is installed on your computer, it will either be launched by clicking on an icon or by invoking the Java Runtime in a command interpreter. How this is done depends on what platform you are using, and which Java VM is installed. The following steps will guide you through starting SiteSurfer Builder:

  1. Verify Java Runtime. SiteSurfer Builder requires a Java 1.1.5-or-higher compliant Java runtime environment installed on your computer. Please reference the Where to Get Java section for instructions for getting an up-to-date Java implementation. Using Sun-derived Java implementations, the current version may be verified by typing java -version in a command interpreter and pressing return:

    C:\> java -version
    java version "1.1.7"

  2. Set the CLASSPATH. The Java CLASSPATH environment variable must include the SITEGEN.JAR file. It should not be set on a system-wide basis; rather, the CLASSPATH should be customized on an application-by-application basis, so Java classes from different programs do not interfere with each other. On a platform with a DOS-like command line, if you had SiteSurfer Builder installed in C:\PROGRAMS\SITESURF, then the you can set the CLASSPATH with the following statement:


    On a UNIX system, if the program were installed in /usr/local/sitesurf, then the you would do:

    % CLASSPATH=/usr/local/sitesurf/sitegen.jar
    % export CLASSPATH

  3. Start Java Runtime.

    SiteSurfer is run by executing the Java runtime environment with the name of the main SiteSurfer class. Using Sun-derived Java implementations, you must also allocate enough memory for the program to run:

    C:\> java -ms4M -mx48M SiteSurferBuilder

    The above statement runs the java.exe program, allocating 4 megabytes of initial memory and setting a maximum memory limit of 48 megabtyes. On some platforms, jre.exe would be used instead of java.exe. If you are using Microsoft's Java runtime, then the program would be started differently:

    C:\> jview SiteSurferBuilder

SiteSurfer may be started with a couple System Properties set at the command-line. A System Property is specified differenly depending on the JVM you are using. With the Sun JVM it looks like this:

C:\> java -ms4M -mx48M -D<PROPERTY>=<VALUE> SiteSurferBuilder

C:\> jre -ms4M -mx48M -cp %CLASSPATH% -D<PROPERTY>=<VALUE> SiteSurferBuilder

Microsoft's VM handles things a little differently:

C:\> jview /d: <PROPERTY>=<VALUE> SiteSurferBuilder

The parameters for starting SiteSurfer using the Sun java.exe or jre.exe include extra parameters for setting the minimum and maximum memory heap sizes for the program (-ms4M and -mx48M). Without these, SiteSurfer may run out of memory when processing large sites.

SiteSurfer supports these special System Properties: