What is SiteSurfer?

SiteSurfer provides easy to use, yet powerful, searching and navigation capabilities for web sites and other information. People are able to move around web sites and locate information faster and easier than ever before.  SiteSurfer's powerful search engines are used by individuals who want to find information quickly or rapidly navigate through complex sites; and by information providers who wish to provide these capabilities for their own users.

SiteSurfer is easy to use, whether you are going to use it for yourself, or set it up for others to use. The Builder wizard will walk you through each step of the process. Each page will have a brief description to help you fill in the fields, and more detailed information is available at any time by clicking on the  icon.

SiteSurfer is written in 100% Java, and consists of the SiteSurfer Builder and the SiteSurfer applet. The SiteSurfer Builder will construct the applet, special compressed files that describe the content of any specified site, and (optionally) sample HTML to make it easy to install the SiteSurfer applet.

SiteSurfer requires neither special knowledge on your part, nor special capabilities, such as CGI, ASP, or JSP, from your web hosting service. If you have access to a web site, you can use SiteSurfer. If you have information stored on a network, you can use SiteSurfer. And yet, SiteSurfer does not skimp on functionality. If you want more advanced features, you've got them. And if you do have questions, DevTech's customer service is world class.