Selecting Pages

Select those pages which you wish to be processed by SiteSurfer. SiteSurfer starts by selecting all pages it has found. If you subsequently re-index the same site, SiteSurfer will select, by default, those pages that were selected last time. New pages will be colored purple, and previously unselected pages will be green.

Click on Select all to select all pages in the list box.

Click on Deselect all to deselect all pages in the list box.

Click on an item to select it. When you just click on an item by itself, it will be selected, and all other pages will be deselected. Hold down the Control (CTRL) key when clicking to add an item to the current list of selections. Hold down the Control key and click on an already selected item to deselect just that item.

Click on an item, hold down the SHIFT key, and click on another item to select a range of pages containing the two that you clicked on, and all pages listed between them.