Address Redirects

Web site addresses frequently rely on HTTP redirects to retrieve the proper page. For instance, will get redirected by the web server to ; that is, it will have a trailing / character. The actual page served back from that address, though, will be .

SiteSurfer builder attempts to intelligently resolve redirects, though there is no way to know whether and are the same page. Therefore, when you enter a base address, you should conform to the same naming scheme as you have in your web pages. Specifically, if any of the pages directly reference "index.html", then the base address should also contain "index.html", or else the page may be indexed twice.

When using the Local Mirror method of indexing a site, SiteSurfer will attempt to guess redirects for addresses that point to directories. For instance, if there is a link to the directory C:\homepage, SiteSurfer Builder will scan that directory for a file named INDEX.HTML, INDEX.HTM, DEFAULT.HTML, or DEFAULT.HTM. If this fails, SiteSurfer Builder will interpret the directory "page" as having links to all of the files it contains.