Customizing Sample Page Generation

Generation of sample pages may be turned on or off by toggling the Generate sample pages button.

By default, the Builder generates sample HTML pages suitable for using in any Java 1.1-enabled browser, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and the HotJava Browser. However, as Java has evolved some companies have lagged in their support for the latest Java reference implementation, while others have refused to implement the entire specification, as defined by Sun Microsystems.

To address this issue Sun has released the Java Plugin, a free product that may be used to replace the Java implementation in Netscape Navigator and Communicator 3.0 and higher; and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and higher. The Java Plugin is available on the following platforms:

More information on the precise system requirements is availabled at .

We do not recommend this solution for Internet web sites, but it may be a valid solution for Intranet sites, which can standardize the use of Java VMs within their own environment, and use the Java Plug-In to ensure that the desired VM is present on the system, and used to run the applet code.

Furthermore, you may wish to use the Java Plugin if you are using SiteSurfer for personal use on a single computer. The Java Plugin closely tracks the latest Sun reference implementation, and therefore incorporates all the latest bug fixes and performance improvements available for Java, and therefore may enhance your SiteSurfer experience.

Please Note: SiteSurfer works perfectly well in the browsers listed in Where to Get Java, so the Java Plugin is surely not required to use SiteSurfer. There are pros and cons to consider, and the decision whether or not to use it should reflect the policies of your company or your personal opinions on the importance of using a fully-compatible Java implementation.

If you choose to use the Java Plug-In, you can customize whether the generated HTML will support Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and/or other Java enabled browsers (this last group will not use the Java Plug-In, even if one of the other two do).