Specifying Save Location

The Builder will write the finished applet, indexes, and other files to the location you specify. Four files will need to be transferred to your site: sitesurf.jar, index1.jar, index2.jar, and help.htm. The other files placed into this directory are the sample HTML files showing how to invoke the SiteSurfer applet.

sitesurf.jar contains the custom applet for your site. Once the browser has loaded sitesurf.jar and started to run the SiteSurfer applet, the applet will start to download the indices and maps in the background, while it is communicating with the end user.

index1.jar contains the site map, alphabeticall site index, and other data required by the searchable index. It is the first file downloaded by the SiteSurfer applet, and must be present for SiteSurfer to operate properly.

index2.jar contains the searchable index. It is downloaded by the SiteSurfer applet after it has retrieved index1.jar. If you configure SiteSurfer so that it does not contain any searchable data, or if you disallow the Query View using the applet SHOWVIEWS parameter, then index2.jar need not be present.