The Configuration Image Facility Configuration File

The Configuration Image Facility saves information describing its own configuration in a text file named DM2IMAGE.CFG, located in the directory in which you installed DeskMan/2. You can change the Configuration Image Facility configuration using PMImage, or you can modify this file using a text editor if you plan to use DM/2 Image.

Note : Both programs (DM2IMAGE.EXE and PM2IMAGE.EXE) use the same configuration files. They can be modified through either method.

The DM2IMAGE.CFG file has three headings - the Install Environment, User Options, and Rules. If you are installing DeskMan/2 on a stand-alone system, DO NOT make any changes in the Install Environment section.

The Configuration Image Facility will ignore all blank lines and lines that are preceded by a pound (#) sign. Any information on a line following a pound sign is considered to be a comment.

Note : We have provided a couple of sample .CFG files: DM2IMAGE.SMP and LANSAMP.CFG. Please see these files for additional examples and information.