Button Frame Example

The buttton frame example uses an HTML FRAMESET tag to create two side-by-side frames in the web browser:

<FRAMESET cols="160,100%">
<FRAME src="button.htm">
<FRAME name="show" src="readme.htm">

The left frame loads the file button.htm, which has the tags for running the applet. The right frame initially loads the readme.htm file; this frame is re-used to display any documents that are loaded by clicking on items in the SiteSurfer applet.

Unlike the column frame and row frame examples, the button frame renders the applet as a single image button. Clicking on the button will show the SiteSurfer applet's main views in a new dialog window. This is accomplished with the DISPLAYTYPE applet parameter:

Besides that, the button.htm file's HTML APPLET tag uses other interesting parameters, most of which are discussed in Customizing SiteSurfer Applet Tags. In particular, note the two lines:


The first two pertain to loading the applet's online help file using the Help button. By default, it loads the help.htm file shipped with SiteSurfer. You can replace this file with anything of your choosing, or use none at all by removing the HELPURL and HELPFRAME parameters.

The DOCUMENTFRAME parameter tells SiteSurfer where to load any documents in the web browser. Note that this name is "show", which is the same name specified for the right-side frame in the FRAMESET tag above.