Customizing SiteSurfer Applet Tags

The SiteSurfer applet is highly customizable via parameters that may be embedded into the <APPLET> tag of the hosting HTML page. The basic body of the SiteSurfer <APPLET> body looks like this:

<APPLET ARCHIVE="sitesurf.jar" CODE=SiteSurfer.class WIDTH=140 HEIGHT=45>

Each <PARAM> tag has a NAME and VALUE attribute. Careful use of the <PARAM> tag will give you a great deal of flexibility for setting the appearance, functionality, and behavior of the SiteSurfer applet. If sample page generation is turned on, HTML files exibiting most of these parameters will be generated along with the index, and these pages may be customized to your liking for integration into your web site.

The following list defines each <PARAM> name, the possible values, and the default value. Every name and every value is case sensitive, and they are always UPPERCASE letters. Under most circumstances it is not necessary to customize every available option, as the default values will usually suffice.