Site Index View

The Site Index view shows a sortable list of every page that was indexed by the Builder. By clicking on the buttons at the head of each column, you can sort the entire site according to that column, for instance by size or title. Clicking on the same button in succession will reverse the sort order. Sorting by field can be very useful, for instance to find the newest documents on a site, or to scan titles alphabetically to find a particular topic.

As shown in the screen snapshot below, the Site Index view may be configured to show different fields, such as the page title, size, address, or last modified date. This is configurable using the INDEXHEADERS applet parameter.

By selecting any line in the list, the referenced page will be automatically loaded in the web browser.

More information on the SiteSurfer applet's various views can be found in Running the SiteSurfer Applet.