Announcing SiteSurfer Version 1.0!
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SiteSurfer provides easy to use, yet powerful, searching and navigation capabilities for web sites, networks, and local files. Use SiteSurfer to find information quickly or rapidly navigate through complex sites, and provide these capabilities to other users of your information.
Written in Java for portability to any platform, SiteSurfer requires neither special knowledge, nor special capabilities, such as CGI, ASP, or JSP. Anyone who has access to a web site, information stored on a network, or documents on a hard disk, can use SiteSurfer. And yet, SiteSurfer does not skimp on functionality. Advanced features are present and plentiful, and yet still easy to use.

System Requirements: Compatible With-

  • Version 1.1.5 or higher of a Java runtime is required to run the SiteSurfer Builder.
  • A Java 1.1 compatible browser, or the Java Plug-in, is required to run the SiteSurfer applet
Key Features:
  • The SiteSurfer Applet is 100% Java (compatible with Java 1.1 or later)
  • Users visiting any site that has the SiteSurfer applet package installed will be able to use the applet to quickly locate their desired information.
  • Intelligent user interface guides you step by step
  • Index local and remote information, even through a proxy
  • Flexible embedded search engine provides many means of searching the data indexed, depending on which options were made available when the index was built.
  • Locate documents by Title, Author, Description, Keywords, textual content, etc.

Disk Space Requirements:

  • 10 MB for installation
  • 5 MB for installed software
  • Additional space for SiteSurfer indexes, dependent upon the amount of data indexed (typically < 10%).
  • Disk space requirements do not include either the Java runtime environment, nor a Java 1.1 compatible browser.


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  • Provide users with an interactive site map containing a hierarchical overview of the information.
  • Provide users with an interactive site index containing a sortable list of each page or document.
  • Find unlinked pages within a site
  • Find bad links within a site, including why the link was bad, where it was found, and where it was trying to link


Other Features:

  • Easy to use graphical interfaces
  • Highly customizable applet interface
  • Extensive on-line documentation
  • Year 2000 compliant
  • Supports multiple document formats, including plain text, HTML, Ami Pro, Windows Write, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word for Windows, and Word Perfect





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