Enabling Applet Features

From this panel, you are able to configure all of the options that will be used by SiteSurfer. The defaults are usually reasonable for most applications, but there is a whole range of searching and navigation features that can be built into, and customized for, SiteSurfer.

Concept Searching - Pages that match the user's request will be found, and used as templates for locating other pages that have similar content.

Proximity Searching - Allows searching for words which are near each other in the text.

Site Index - SiteSurfer will include an alphabetical listing of all pages referenced in the index.

Site Map - SiteSurfer will include a graphical, hierarchical map of all documents in the index.

If you click on More options you will be able to configure more advanced Builder options, such as: what document fields are indexed, what files are ignored during processing (e.g., bitmaps), what words are not contextually significant, what characters are (and are not) contextually significant, and how the sample HTML pages should be generated.