Configuring SiteSurfer

SiteSurfer Builder has many options for configuring how both the Builder and the applet behave. Many of these options are presented to the user in the normal course of index a site. These include where the site is located, how to retrieve the pages, what important applet features to enable, what pages to index, and where to store the resultant index.

The above options are presented in the main steps the SiteSurfer Builder's wizard interface because they are the options that are the most likely too need special attention. At the same time, SiteSurfer lets you easily bypass most decisions by setting reasonable default values. For instance, SiteSurfer Builder defaults to indexing a web site directory, which is the most typical options for most users. Also, you need not choose which pages to index, and instead just index all the pages SiteSurfer encounters.

At the same time, once you index a particular web site, SiteSurfer will remember all the choices you made for that site in its profile; the last 5 sites are remembered. If you selectively indexed pages on a site, the program will even recall which pages were and were not selected, and mark those appropriately the next time you index the same site.

In addition to the normal set of options, SiteSurfer Builder has a vast array of more complex customizations available. On the 4th panel, where you set important applet features, like the site index and site map, you may open the advanced Options dialog by pressing the More options button. This dialog exposed settings for the following features: